Welcome to Central Wood Products

Central Wood Products (CWP) is a “Boutique” Lumber company located in Winter Garden, FL.   It is a direct importer of fine lumber and wood products from Trinidad which includes Teak and Genuine Mahogany.  It was established in late 2015 and has been growing organically since then.  Although CWP is a relatively “young” company it is backed by the generational knowledge and experience of its founder and her family.  Ms. Devika Maharaj, the founder, has been in a sawmill and lumberyard environment for much of her life.

Much of her early childhood was spent at her grandparents’ sawmill and lumberyard and later on at her parents’ sawmill and lumberyard (Central Lumber Ltd., simply called the yard).  It is safe to say that sawdust is in her blood.  She is the eldest of four, and like her, each of her siblings has worked at the yard in some capacity over the years.  Her brother owns and operates “Bob’s Mouldings.”  His company manufactures wood mouldings, corbels, rosettes and other wood products.  Central Wood Products imports its Teak and other woods and wood products from Central Lumber Ltd and Bob’s Mouldings.  CWP also sources lumber and wood products from US based sawmills and manufacturers.

The Familys’ Sawmill & Lumberyard in Trinidad

The automated “run-around” mill.

Stickered Teak Lumber.

Samaan slabs.

The very first Sawmill set up in 1990.

Teak Logs.

Moulding rack at Bob’s Moulding.

Corley Circle Saw Sawmill.

Genuine Mahogany and Appamat.

Fresh cut Cedar.

Meet Devika & Roxy

Devika Maharaj, The Teak Lady

Devika Maharaj, The Teak Lady


Devika is a third generation sawmill/lumber yard professional. She is an animal lover, who adores Roxy her four legged family member.   In her spare time she enjoys reading, working in her garden and binge watching a variety of programs.  She is passionate about environmental causes and helping those in need.  She also enjoys cooking and baking.

Roxy, The Teak Doggy

Roxy, The Teak Doggy

Company Mascot

Let me tell you about my best friend. Roxy, is a Westie mix who encompasses all the traits of being a terrier.  She loves to run, jump and is territorial.  She enjoys laying outside when the weather is nice, chasing lizards and barking at people as they pass by the house. She was a rescue puppy adopted through the Pet Rescue By Judy organization. #AdoptDontShop

New Team Members

New Team Members

Look out for new team members as we continue to grow and expand !

Our Shop in Winter Garden, Florida

Some photos from our journey from launching out of a shipping container (September 2015) to moving into our new warehouse space (September 2017).